Our Team

Developed in 2010 by a team of highly skilled engineers, professional riders and veterinarians in Spain, EquiView360 (known as GesEQ in Europe) was first established with the goal of creating a product that could optimize and control a horse's health and wellness in the most efficient way using state-of-the-art applications and technology. EquiView360 believes only the most meticulous attention to detail will lead to accomplishing one's goals and achieving true success, which is why the EquiView360 smart technology uses every detail, large and small, to analyze your horse and its well being.


Colic, the number one killer of horses, is a concern that all horse owners face. Thousands die each year, but many can recover if detected early. EquiView360 is the world's premier smart camera total equine monitoring system designed to alert caretakers at the first sign of distress. Until now there have been few tools to help protect horses and owners from such tragedies. EquiView360's proven ability to detect symptoms of distress and automatically notify caretakers allows for early interference and helps to avoid expensive surgeries or even loss of a horse.


The team at EquiView360 has dedicated itself to empowering and improving equine welfare through its revolutionary total equine monitoring system, and the result is the EquiView360 application, early stress detection monitoring program and video surveillance system.


Control over the detailed management of a horse promotes wellness and optimal performance — the ultimate mission of EquiView360. Let EquiView360 help you and your horse reach your highest potential!



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