Competition Package

Monitor your horse from anywhere, anytime!


EquiView360’s portable competition package is crafted with all of the essentials needed to keep your horses protected when you’re on the go and away from home! The competition package is customized to your needs and includes between one and ten cameras, which are pre-programmed with the EquiView360 total equine monitoring system or for direct surveillance of the stable area/aisle way. Everything you need is provided, just simply mount the cameras and turn them on!


The package can be purchased on its own or as an addition to your at-home EquiView360 services. From the moment the cameras are turned on, full access to the EquiView360 application and all of its features are available just as they appear at home.


As an added security measure, the EquiView360 surveillance cameras are able to detect motion and sound, and send screenshots as an alert, through text message or email, to the user if any suspicious activity is detected during certain designated hours of the day or night. Even when you’re away from home, traveling or competing, EquiView360 knows how important it is to ensure your horses are happy, healthy and protected, and that’s just what the EquiView360 competition package is designed to offer! Contact us today to get yours before your next trip!





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