Early Stress Detection

Peace of mind protection with early stress detection and automatic alerts.


The EquiView360 patented early stress detection system analyzes your horses’ health and wellness 24/7 and sends alerts if any abnormal behavior is detected. The EquiView360 software analyzes, on a real-time basis, your horse’s detailed activity, movements, behaviors, silhouette and sound, and combines them with both user input data specific to the horse (feed, status of work, vaccines, etc.) as well as environmental factors and uses algorithms developed over years of testing to create an individualized wellness index for the horse.



With EquiView360, without even being at the barn, you can:

  • Receive notifications at the first sign of distress
  • Watch and analyze the statistics of your horse’s daily behavior
  • View your horse’s activity from previous days
  • Know that your horse’s data and records are safely stored in a cloud-based application and in one convenient location







When the horse’s wellness index reaches a user-defined threshold of warning or alarm, the system automatically sends an alert or notification to the caretaker list. As the system continuously monitors your horse, its artificial intelligence learns your horse’s normal behavioral patterns, which then allows the system to detect distress at its earliest symptoms to allow early intervention from serious and life-threatening health risks such as colic, being cast, foaling, etc.



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