What is EquiView360?

EquiView360 by GesEQ is a revolutionary way to manage your horses’ total wellness and performance in one easy-to-use system. For as little as $2 a day, watch your horse from any device 24/7 with our patented smart camera early distress detection and notification system. Access the remote live streaming view from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Store daily care details and facilitate caretaker communication critical for optimized wellness and performance — all of this and more in one integrated system. EquiView360 is dedicated to empowering equine wellness!


How does EquiView360 work?

The EquiView360 smart cameras are installed with a patented software program that continuously tracks and monitors thousands of variables related to your horse including behavior and movement, activity levels, posture and even lifestyle variables such as vaccination records, competition schedules and climate. All of this information and data is combined using artificial intelligence to create personalized patterns unique to your horse that are updated continuously day and night. The result is represented in a wellness index, which is displayed as a single number between one (normal) through watch, warning and alarm levels of 10. Users may define at what stage they would like to receive alerts notifying them, which can vary depending upon the day or their horse’s situation. Notifications are sent to the user-defined caretaker team by text and email facilitating early intervention if required.


How much does it cost?

For as little as $2 a day, you can take the guesswork out of understanding your horse and enjoy peace of mind knowing he/she is continuously protected and monitored with EquiView360. Contact us to schedule your customized quote today!


What are the installation requirements?

Installation is managed by EquiView360 and its partner companies. It is mobile and as simple as installing a camera in the corner of each horse’s stall and plugging it in.


How invasive is the installation process and overall use of the product?

The EquiView360 smart cameras are small and invasive measuring at 2.5 inches wide and 4 inches high. The application is designed to be a single source of information and communication between caretakers of your horse(s). Once each EquiView360 segment is completed for each horse, you will never have to go searching for small pieces of paper with notes or documentation again!


What does the application look like?

Clients receive their own user log-in through which they can access their EquiView360 application.


What’s the training program for how to use/operate EquiView360?

Training materials are provided as well as an introductory session to show the primary user and/or the elected administrator how to enter data and use the horse management modules. Otherwise, you can remotely view your horse(s) live, see their current wellness index and download past day’s recordings just by logging in.




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