"The most exciting thing about EquiView360 is the alert notifications. Anyone who has been in the equestrian business long enough has dealt with colic and other health issues. A system that can help with early distress detection is really exciting and gives peace of mind. Being able to check in on the horses when you are away from the barn at any time, in addition to the custom wellness notifications, is one of the most impressive things for me."

David Marcus – Canada

Olympic dressage rider

"Living in Wellington, this is the first time I have not lived on the property with my horses. With EquiView360, I still have the comfort in that I am able to check on them whenever I want."

Nicholas Fyffe – Australia

International Grand Prix dressage rider

"My experience with EquiView360 has been amazing! I love the product. Whenever I’m away, I am able to go in to the application and check on my horses. It gives me peace of mind knowing that everyone is okay. It is a nice way to be able to monitor them and is very user-friendly. You can set it up to alert you not only when things are awry, but also when things are just normal. The more data you put into it, the more you get out of it. You can input all of your vaccination records and deworming schedule into the application, that way you have everything in one place and are able to pull it up and share with your vet at anytime. There is nothing else like it on the market. They have created an incredible product!"

Alexandra Duncan – Canada

International dressage rider

"EquiView360 has detected early distress and colic symptoms in my show horses. Thanks to the alerts of the system, all of the cases were treated on time and resulted in no consequences to the health and well being of my horses."

Carolina Aresu – Spain

International show jumping rider

"Simply essential!"

Rutherford Latham – Spain

Olympic show jumping rider

"EquiView360/GesEQ guarantees our top horses are always in their best shape to perform and win."

Alberto Honrubia – Spain

Olympic show jumping rider

"With EquiView360/GesEQ, my horses have 100 percent of my attention. It is an essential tool for the management of my stables."

Maria Caetano – Portugal

International dressage rider

"What is the value of safety? The ability to watch and monitor my horses 24 hours a day does not have a price. On the insistence of a good friend, I decided to install EquiView360. I could not imagine how beneficial it would be. I know that if something is not right with my horses, it will warn me. To be able to check on my horses before I go to sleep or to know the temperature in the stable is incredible. That’s why I do want to share my experience. Congratulations EquiView360 and thank you for creating this system!"

Claudio Castilla Ruiz – Spain

Olympic dressage rider


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