Alexandra Duncan Announced as Newest EquiView360 Brand Ambassador

Alexandra Duncan Announced as Newest EquiView360 Brand Ambassador

Wellington, Fla. – May 20, 2016 – EquiView360 is pleased to announce that Alexandra Duncan, international Grand Prix dressage rider and owner of ADressage Equestrian Training and Sales, has joined EquiView360 as its newest brand ambassador. A seasoned dressage competitor and dedicated horse owner, Duncan's new EquiView360 camera system allows her to enjoy peace of mind when it comes to her horses' safety, both in and out of the show ring.


The innovative technology behind EquiView360 allows horse owners to keep a close eye on their beloved equine partners' health and wellness, monitoring abnormal behaviors and signs of stress 24/7. EquiView360 has experienced astounding success in Europe and, since its launch in the U.S., has already caught the attention of David Marcus and Nicholas Fyffe of Marcus Fyffe Dressage based in Wellington, Florida. Duncan and Marcus Fyffe Dressage are the first brand ambassadors to join the U.S. EquiView360 ambassador team.


"The EquiView360 system is fantastic!" said Duncan. "The main thing I really like is that it is user-friendly. You can sign on easily from anywhere. Traveling in an airport or sitting at home, I can check in on my horses. The accessibility and accuracy is great. I like that the more information you give it, the smarter the technology gets and the more it can monitor your horse."


Duncan, a Canada native, began riding at the age of 3 and competed through FEI pony levels. She went on to compete in the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships winning two gold medals, one silver medal and the Fiona Bond Award of Excellence. She then spent four years living and training in Europe with top trainers from Sweden and Holland, where she also competed at the Young Rider World Cup in Frankfurt and Aachen, Germany.


Today, Duncan owns and operates ADressage Equestrian Training and Sales out of Wellington, Florida, and competes at the Grand Prix Level with her horse Vitall as well as a few younger horses. She gives back to the sport that she loves by assisting young riders in fully understanding the level of dedication, commitment and discipline it takes to become a top level competitive international dressage rider.


Because Duncan spends a large amount of her time on the road traveling to competitions, the added security features offered through EquiView360 provide further comfort while she is away.


"I have a camera set up over my hay and shavings," said Duncan. "Since I am based at such a big facility, it's nice to be able to monitor who is coming and going. When I am home in Canada I can log on to see if all of my horses are ok."


The EquiView360 team has dedicated itself to the vision of improving the health, wellness and performance of horses. As a result, the EquiView360 application, early stress detection monitoring program and video surveillance system allows owners to constantly monitor and keep watch over their horses. The EquiView360 smart camera technology uses every detail, large and small, to analyze a horse and its well being. Control over the detailed management of a horse promotes optimal wellness and performance — the ultimate mission of EquiView360.


"The more data you put into it, the more you get out of it," said Duncan. "You can input all of your vaccination records and deworming schedule into the application, that way you have everything in one place and are able to pull it up and share with your vet at anytime. Colic is one of the worst things we fear and try to prevent. EquiView360 is nice because it can give you a heads up if there is an issue, especially in the middle of the night. It's nice to know that the system will alert me if they are cast or their behavior is different. It gives a high sense of security.


"It gives me peace of mind knowing that everyone is okay," continued Duncan. "It is a nice way to be able to monitor my horses and is very user-friendly. There is nothing else like it on the market. They have created an incredible product!"


Get EquiView360 today and enjoy your own peace of mind with the revolutionary total equine monitoring system that will always keep you and your horse connected, whether you're out for the evening, traveling, at the office or simply relaxing at home. Let EquiView360 help you and your horse reach your highest potential!


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